We at Digital Talk Solution Ltd. provide retail voice products that are designed for enterprises, MVNOs, carriers, calling card providers, and any organization who are seeking retail VoIP services. We connect thousands of carriers around the globe through a single connection that is a highly controlled private network, with the quality of service (QoS), guaranteed security, and class of service (CoS). Our quality control system assures outstanding customer experience and consistent performance. We use only the highest quality and most efficient routes via tier 1 and direct local carriers, and support the most major industry codes to minimize probable latency.


We have developed leading tools including a Retailer Portal which allows retailers to maintain and monitor their accounts, make payments, and order stock and sales material online. Existing retailers can also visit the Retailer Portal.


Our Interconnection process is simple & short.

Low rates in the market.

User-friendly telecom service with A to Z destination to the customers.

Flexible Payment Terms.

24×7 support and Real-time monitoring of quality parameters (ACD, ASR).

Deliver FAS-free routes.

Our growing number of customers and retailers over the world is proof that we are good at what we do!


Retail Voice is ideal for retail subscribers demanding the highest performance with low rates in the market. We provide Control Panel with a unique login & password so that you can handle and use our service in a hassle-free manner. You can make international calls directly from your personal computer to an overseas destination using the internet (PC to Phone Calls) and also from a mobile phone handset (Mobile) via software.

Control panel with Login name & password.

Easy to establish sub-resellers to generate more revenue.

24×7 support and Real-time monitoring of quality parameters (ACD, ASR).

Make calls from your PC / Smart Phone to any mobile phone or Landline / fixed-line.

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