Wholesale VOIP Services

What is wholesale VoIP?

A Wholesale VoIP service offering where a carrier typically provides large volumes of voice communications to other service providers enabling them to expand their reach and footprint for VoIP calls on their platform made by end-users.

Who uses Bandwidth’s wholesale VoIP?

If your use case involves reselling our voice products like termination, origination, and toll-free voice, you would be consuming our direct access (wholesale VoIP) products. As a termination provider, origination provider, and toll-free network owner, we can help you build and power your own solutions through SIP connections and APIs.

What are the benefits of Bandwidth’s wholesale VoIP services?

Since Bandwidth owns and operates the network, our customers are able to enjoy fast, reliable VoIP services, scalability, and cost savings. Bandwidth offers our customers world-class support with a 24/7 NOC team that is there to address issues as soon as they arise. In addition, Bandwidth’s VoIP offering as well as our other communication services are built to scale. Whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise giant, Bandwidth services can scale to meet your needs. Partnering with Bandwidth lets you avoid dealing with a middleman, ensuring that our rates are competitive. This means more cost savings for your business while also connecting with a service you can trust. Bandwidth has mastered VoIP communications, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

At Digital Talk Solution Ltd ( Wholesale VOIP Services), we offer a far-reaching arrangement of solutions to help you convey high-quality voice service that derives utmost satisfaction to your clients. We influence our network and broad involvement in the telecommunications industry to convey support of our clients that is second to none. From the management and delivery of your service to the computerized billing and LCR services we offer, you will discover us as dedicated to understanding and meeting your telecommunication requirement. Our operations and customer support correspondence will make sure that your service is efficiently maintained and monitored by our team.

As one of the promising carrier services of international voice, we offer you exclusive services that your customers demand. DTSL, trusted by the world’s leading brand carriers, is a well-equipped organization that manages your interconnection efficiently and quickly whatever the distance or technology may be.

Still, Have Questions About CC Routes for A to Z and Wholesale and CC traffic?

Add us on skype and we will make a free test account for you – debashis.dtsl , prakash.dtsl

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